M3 Profile

M3 Investments was idealized in 2010 with the initial goal of creating a Private Equity Fund to invest in medium-sized companies with high growth and financial return potential.

In order to establish the first fund, M3 sought a partnership with Trivèlla Investments, an asset management firm located in São Paulo state. From this union resulted the first fund, capitalized at $ 10 million by Marcel Malczewski and other investors.

Parallel to the partnership developed with Trivèlla, M3 also started developing joint actions with Cypress Associates, one of the main Mergers & Acquisitions consultancy firms in Brazil. As a result of one of these actions,, Cypress and M3 were able to raise in the second half of 2013 R$ 20 million for a second fund, aiming to invest on Early Stage technology and consumer products companies.

Since its official foundation in 2011, M3 has directed investments (direct purchase of quotas or shares) and indirect (through FIP or FIM) in 13 companies in the sectors of service, consumer goods and technology.

In 2014, M3 Investments spined-off Trivèlla M3 Investments S / A, an asset authorized by Brazilian regulatory agencies in April 2015. The asse tis currently responsible for the management of investment funds in M3 group. Thus, between its creation in 2011 and 2016, M3 Investments subsequently became a holding company for the management of M3 group’s resources and investments.