Venture Capital

Praised as co-founder of the most successful startup in the State of Paraná (located to the South of Brazil), Marcel Malczewski started talking to entrepreneurs in 2013 in the means of  starting investing in startups and other early stage endeavors via M3 Investments.

As a result of these first meetings the project ESC M3 – Early Stage Challenge M3– was conceived. Its objective was to evaluate new enterprises with high growth potential. Incubator and accelerators from Paraná supported the ESC M3 by appointing the companies that had the investment profile M3 sought. Two of these projects were then selected to receive guidance for business development in addition to a cash-in of R$ 250 thousand in order to expand their projects and scale the businesses.

Parallel to this, Sr. Malczewski conducted meetings in Silicon Valley with the purpose of establishing a network capable of aiding in the task of seeking good investment opportunities in emerging businesses and also encourage other successful entrepreneurs to invest in startups.

As a result of these actions, M3 has performed 7 investments in emerging enterprises, 5 in Brazil and 2 in the United States by the first half of 2016.

M3 Companies

  • Bematech
  • Graava
  • Madeira Certa
  • Maxwell Bohr
  • Rapt
  • Mercafácil
  • Rede Frete Fácil
  • Social Wave
  • Já Entendi
  • Hariken
  • Conaz
  • NanoTropic
  • PackID